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Non-Surgical Fat Reduction and Body Sculpting

You have always aspired to have the kind of tight, toned body that you see on models and on television. Body Sculpting treatments such as Emsculpt, Tonsure, Exilis, and EMSCULPT NEO by EMSCULPT, which use electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to tighten the skin without surgery or lasers, can help you achieve that type of body. All it takes to get started on the path to your ideal body is a short consultation with a provider in your area.

In terms of body sculpting, there are two basic methods you can use: non-invasive and invasive. A small needle is used to puncture fat cells during non-invasive body sculpting. This causes them to release their fatty acid stores into your bloodstream, where they can be burned off as energy more easily. Invasive methods involve needles that break down fat by dissolving it with enzymes or freezing it with coolants. Although these methods are more painful than their non-invasive counterparts, they are also more likely to result in long-term fat loss.

Choosing between invasive or non-invasive body sculpting depends on your goals for treatment and how comfortable you are with pain levels. Invasive treatments are likely to be more effective than invasive ones in the long run. Non-invasive treatments could be the best option if you have a low pain threshold and don’t want to go through surgery to get better. Depending on the technique employed and the area of the body being worked on, the potential for adverse effects from body sculpting treatments varies.

Ask yourself a few questions to help you decide whether EMSCULPT NEO, EMTONE, or EXILIS is best for you. What do I want the end result to be? Do I have specific areas of fat loss in mind? Want my muscles to look more defined? What size clothes do I usually wear, and how many sizes do I want to lose? How much time per week can I devote to treatments? How much money can I afford to spend on treatments each month? Once you answer these questions, it will be easier to choose between our three body sculpting options. To illustrate, our non-invasive body contouring treatment may be ideal for you if you want to slim down your waist and hips but are less concerned with eliminating cellulite from your thighs and buttocks.

All three of our body sculpting systems (ESCULPT NEO, EMSCULPT NEO, and EXILIS) are at your disposal. They are completely safe when used by a qualified professional who is experienced in their use. Contact us today to find out more about our services and schedule a consultation! Every insurance company approaches the situation differently. If you want to know if your provider will cover a specific treatment, you should call them. If you decide you want a noninvasive procedure that can be used for years without any risk of side effects, then body sculpting is likely a great choice for you.

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